Friday, August 19, 2011

Novamex is now live in Account Review™ 7, our trade promotion management software

Novamex went live this month with Account Review™ 7, our trade promotion management (TPM) software. We are proud to have Novamex as a client and have enjoyed working with them since 2004.

This software upgrade from version 6 allows Novamex to utilize the most advanced SmartClient technology for maximizing the end-user TPM experience. The Account Review™ software suite is based on the Microsoft .NET and SQL Server 2008 platform, and is true closed-loop, world-class trade promotion software. Novamex and our other CPG clients use Account Review™ to manage all aspects of their trade promotion spending, including promotional event planning, budgeting, payment requests, deduction settlements, and post-promotion analysis.

Novamex is the leading marketer of Branded Mexican Food and Beverage products in the USA. As a marketer, Novamex focuses on all aspects of brand management, from production in Mexico to consumption in the USA. As a distributor, Novamex manages a network of over 50,000 distribution points from coast to coast.

For more information on Novamex, click here.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Invitations sent for the 2011 User Conference

Synectics Group recently sent invitations to our clients for the 2011 User Conference, which will be held in Chicago, November 8-9. The results from the 2011 Customer Care Survey and the direction from our Advisory Council both pointed toward the value and importance of a forum to discuss and share experiences, challenges, and solutions to better manage trade promotions and to maximize benefit from Account Review™, our trade promotion management (TPM) software.

We are excited to bring together our talented and diverse client base while remaining conscious of the professional and ethical guardrails for discussions involving business practices among groups of manufacturers that may include competitors.

At the end of the User Conference, TPO Planner™, our new trade promotion optimization software, will be showcased during a brief software demo. If you are not fortunate enough to be attending the User Conference, or are not yet a client, click here to schedule a software demo for TPO Planner, Account Review, or both.

Complimentary registration to “The ‘Predictive’ Path to Promotion Optimization Summit”, held November 6-8, at the same venue, is also included. If you are interested in learning more about "The 'Predictive' Path to Promotion Optimization Summit", please visit for more information.